CBUSU is committed to offering services which help to fulfill the diverse needs of the student body. We are your union, we are here to represent you, guide you and help you get the most out of your university experience. We are an organization for students, run by students. We have been united for over 40 years and will continue to help students for many years to come.

Parteek Brar

email: su_president@cbu.ca

phone: (902) 563-1135

President: Parteek Brar (Gunny) – su_president@cbu.ca

Samual Shaji

email: su_evp@cbu.ca

phone: (902) 563-1190

Executive Vice President: Samual Shaji – su_evp@cbu.ca

Amera Othman

email: su_vpfo@cbu.ca

phone: (902) 563-1193

Vice President Finance & Operations: Amera Othman – su_vpfo@cbu.ca

Emma Drohan

email: su_vpmc@cbu.ca

phone: (902) 563-1483

Vice President Marketing & Communication: Emma Drohan – su_vpmc@cbu.ca

Joshua Nyamukapa

email: su_vpsl@cbu.ca

phone: (902) 563-1483-1295

Vice President Student Life: Joshua Nyamukapa – su_vpsl@cbu.ca