Upon registering as a full-time Canadian student (18 credits) at CBU (registered for both semesters by September 21st), you are automatically enrolled in the Students’ Union health and dental plans. Our current provider is the Campus Trust and the cost of the health plan is $160 and the dental plan is $125 for the year.

If you have existing health or dental coverage, either through a parent or work, and do not require our coverage, you can opt-out (drop). The deadline for all students who register for the fall semester (September) to opt-out is September 30, 2020.

Opt-outs will not be considered after this date. It is the student’s responsibility to opt-out annually and may do so online ONLY. To opt-out, visit the CBU website at www.cbu.ca and login to your student Compass account. If you are experiencing difficulty with your online opt-out we would encourage you to stop by the Students’ Union office before September 30th for assistance. Other options are available for adding family members at an additional cost.

Health & Dental FAQs

Are my spouse and/or dependant children eligible for benefits?

Yes, your spouse and dependant children can be covered for benefits. In order to be eligible, your dependants must be covered under a Provincial Health Care Plan and you must pay the applicable fee before the deadline. Your spouse and dependant children become eligible when you become eligible.

How do I add my spouse and dependant children to the plan?

If you choose to add your eligible spouse and/or dependant children to the CBUSU Plan, you must complete the required form in the Students’ Union Building, and pay the applicable fees. You must complete this process by September 30, 2018.

Can I opt out of the Health and/or Dental Plan?

In order to opt out of this plan, you must be enrolled in another health plan. Proof of coverage is required before you are able to opt out. You must complete this process by September 30, 2018.

If you choose to exclude yourself from the plan, you must log in to your student account at www.cbu.ca to complete the required form.

When will I receive my refund if I choose to opt out of the Benefit Plan?

If you are already covered under an extended health and dental plan, and you choose to opt out of this plan, your Student Account will be credited. If you have not paid your fees in full, the refund will be applied to your Student Account.

When your opt out request has been approved, it will remain in force for the entire student year unless your alternate extended health plan terminates. You have 30 days from the loss of coverage to notify The Campus Trust; in order to be covered under our plan, for the remainder of the student year. You must provide a copy of your Notice of Termination and pay the applicable fees.

Do I receive a benefit card?

Once you are eligible for coverage and have registered at www.studentbenefits.ca, you will be able to print the following personalized benefit cards under the Download Centre.

For further information on health and dental coverage please contact:
Dawn MacDougall
Administration & Health Plan Manager
email: dawn_macdougall@cbu.ca
phone: 902-563-1477.