Societies at university are a diverse collection of groups ranging from recreational sports teams to hobby organizations to academic, political, and cultural associations

Joining a society provides an excellent opportunity to explore your interests, develop strong relationships with like-minded students, and most importantly have fun! They are also great extracurricular activities to help build your connections and resume for the future.

What are the different societies on campus?

As of right now, we have approximately 31 active student societies on campus.

● Aboriginal Society

● Afro-Caribbean Society

● CBU Biology Society

● CBU Education Society

● CBU Environmental Society

● CBU Hospitality and Tourism Society

● CBU Parks Canada Society

● CBU Pre-Med Society

● Chemistry Society

● Chess Society

● Christian Fellowship Society

● Dance Society

● ENACTUS Society

● Engineering Society

● Gaming Society

● Graduate Society

● Indian Society

● Language Society

● Math Society

● Muslim Society

● Nursing Society

● Political Science Society

● Programming Society

● Psychology Society

● Public Health Society

● Rotaract Society

● Society of Petroleum Engineers

● Theatre Society

● Women in Business Society

● Women’s Caper Rugby Society

● WUSC Society

Since 2003 we have had a total of over 60 different societies, see below for a full list of presently inactive societies.

● CBU AHS Society

● CBU Business Society

● Canadian Nursing Students Ass. (CNSA) Society

● CBU Children’s Wish Foundation Society

● CBU Communication Society

● CBU Community Studies Society

● CBU Debating Society

● CBU English Students’ Society

● CBU Global Brigades Society

● CBU History Society

● CBU International Nursing Society

● CBU Mature Students Society

● CBU Mixed Martial Arts Society

● CBU NDP Society

● CBU Petroleum Engineers Society

● CBU Running Society

● CBU Save the Children Society

● CBU Women’s Leadership Society

● Aboriginal Business Society

● Capers Hockey Society

● CBU Art Gallery Society

● CBU Chess Society

● CBU French Society

● CBU Gaelic Society

● CBU Gaming Society

● CBU Green Team Society

● CBU Hockey Society

● CBU Orange Army Society

● CBU Ryu Karate Society

● CBU Sociology Society

● CBU Track & Field Society

Society FAQs

How do I join a society?

The Students’ Union hosts a society fair in the CBU cafeteria each semester that gives students the chance to learn more about societies, meet the members, and sign up!

You can also contact our Campus Affairs Coordinator anytime at for more information on who to contact for each different society.

It is not on the official list, but I have a great idea for a society. Can I create my own?

Of course! We are always looking for students interested in bringing a new society to our campus. You can find the society application form by visiting the Students’ Union building.

Is there space available on campus for societies to hold meetings and events?

While some societies already have their own designated rooms available, there are several locations on campus where societies can gather for meetings. Listed below are the rooms available and who to contact to book them:

Dingwall Boardroom: contact the CBUSU Front Desk at 902-563-1192

Executive Boardroom: contact the CBUSUFront Desk at 902-563-1192

CBUSU Common Room: contact the CBUSU Front Desk at 902-563-1192

Engagement Centre: contact Jennifer Billard at 902-563-1279

If you would like to hold larger events throughout the academic year please contact our Campus Affairs Coordinator, Avjinder Singh, at (902) 563-1485.

Is there any funding available for societies?

Yes, all societies are eligible to receive funding from the Students’ Union. Funding is allocated based how actives societies have been in the past, how they have utilized their funding before, and what their plans are for the upcoming year.

For more information regarding societies please contact the CBUSU Campus Affairs Coordinator, Avjinder Singh, at (902) 563-1485 or You can also come visit us at the Students’ Union Building located on the second floor, across from the CBU Bookstore.